lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2009

Game Modes

Standard Mode

The standard game mode is composed of a series of stages, each one composed of a sequence of substages. Finishing the last substage of a stage grants access to the next, and may add new features to the Time Mode.

Whenever you lose a game, your record will be saved, and you will have the opportunity of resume playing in the same substage where you lose. Next time you select the last stage played, you will be asked to continue from the last saved substage: I you accept, you will start a new game from the point where you lose (you won't retain neither total times nor total points).

Time Mode

The time mode consist of a single level without time limit and points limit. The goal of the level is to survive with the maximum amount of points.

Each minute, the level will increase, and a different rule will be added to the actual rules of the level:
  • Increased combo limit
  • Increased number of colors
  • Increased special block appearance probability
If you have unlocked the special rules, they may be applied also: each time it is applied, the activation frequency of the special rule will be increased.


Whenever you lose a game (both in standard and time modes), you will be asked to introduce a name. This name will be used to save your record. If you introduce an empty name, it will be saved as "Anonymous".

You can check the records in the Ranking option of the menu. Two tables will be shown, one after the other, showing the top five records of each of the modes.